How to take care of silk clothes?



The safest way to clean your silk clothes is to entrust them to a proven dry cleaner. However, if you'd rather take care of them in the comfort of your own home, we have some tips for you.



I. When you wash silk at home, remember to be very gentle at every step!


II. It is best to wash silk in a thoroughly cleaned sink or bowl (you can also use a washing machine with the proven "silk" program, but it may be a risky option!) Hard water can damage delicate fabrics, so make sure it is soft enough (you can also use a water softener). The water should be lukewarm or cool (cool water for dark fabrics).


III. For washing, use only the most delicate cleansing agents, preferably those intended for silk, or a delicate soap or shampoo for children since silk has a structure very similar to the skin and hair (but it must not contain peeling elements). Washing silk in water with a cleansing agent should not take longer than four minutes, as it may destroy the fabric.


IV. After washing the clothes, take them out of the bowl or sink and replace the water with a clean one at the same temperature. Make sure that the silk lies flat during this time, otherwise, the garment may stretch.


V. Soak the silk in fresh water until you have rinsed off the foam (no more than two-three minutes). If you want to get rid of the stain, you can add white vinegar to the water. Do not twist or stretch the fabric!


VI. When drying silk, handle it very gently. Do not twist or wring the fabric and again, make sure that the silk lies flat during the drying process, otherwise, the garment may stretch. You can put the fabric between the towels and gently squeeze the water out.


VII. You can iron silk, but we recommend using a steamer. If you choose to iron, do it inside the garment while still damp, if not spray it lightly. The iron should be very low temperature, preferably use the silk program. Wait for the fabric to fully cool down before putting it in the wardrobe.






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